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The world’s first entire city project based on the New era innovations, and Bio-architecture!

The purpose of the project "City of Light" is the unity of people with an absolutely transparent system of interaction based on humanistic values and trust, where everything is based on love, kindness, sincerity, wisdom and justice. For this it is necessary to build a community to show an example how each participant is ready to develop awareness of his actions, set his own goals and achieve them, developing the world around him through the self-development as well as bear social responsibility for the society he lives in and act to make the world where he wants to live with his family in harmony and comfort.

We aren't aiming to build another cottage village but to create a new society to reveal the long-forgotten old traditions of our ancestors and make the children were born in full-fledged families, a society with no competition, no slavery and bosses, no corruption and deception, no division into races and nationalities. A society that is able to unite and create a new life where their families will flourish.

The concept of the “City of Light” project applies modern technologies and the creation of new spaces and architectures of the cities of the future, combining innovative technologies in harmony with nature. The decentralized platform is based on blockchain technology, which allows to store information in a distributed manner and each user has equal rights to access it. The main aim of the platform is to build transparent trust relationships on equal terms, regardless of social status or status in society.

All the houses are located near the unique park

The City’s main building - the Fifth Element park features over 5 meter high statues of four golden angels. The park’s main sight is the Light Pillar representing the unity of all nations and confessions.

Built using innovative Eco-technologies

Absolutely everything in the City is based on the groundbreaking technologies and serves one main goal: physical and spiritual healing. For instance, the City is gasoline-free. There are designated parking sites for petrol cars outside the city. Inside, only electric vehicles, bicycles, and hoverboards are allowed.

Dome Biohouses

Their unique construction is strong and energy efficient. It offers enormous design opportunities both for the interior and the exterior The houses are durable and cozy. All the houses are equipped with smart control systems. You can run processes in your house using our iOS or Android app, wherever you are

Benefits for the City of Light token holders

All the token holders get their profit share from::

Sales of houses

Sale of agricultural products: year-round vegetarians, open gardens, fisheries

New technology development and sales

Retail space rental

The Fifth Element park and the Light Pillar tourist site

And you become a property owner in the City of Light, including:

The project tokens you hold ensure your right to own property in the City of Light


Each apartment house as well as detached house features a landscaped land plot

Retail space

All the City of Light token holders become its retail space co-owners.

The City of Light provides all the best living and housing conditions in a unique space created for the humans’ health, both physical and spiritual

Unique Bio-technologies

Smart house and Smart city technologies

Perfect energy structure for recreation

Harmonic space for family and work

The foundation of the City of Light project is the Blockchain technology that provides:

Profits are distributed transparently between the cooperative members


Distributed data is simultaneously stored at thousands of workstations worldwide, ensuring impossibility to hack or change it


All the project ICO investors are identified with their account data on the Blockchain which eliminates the de-anonymization problem, as the registry is open to all


The specific property one owns in the City of Light is associated with his or her account, which is easily verified with the open registry


All the development and construction stages are recorded on the Blockchain, which means each member can observe the project progress in the real time, and check up the logs of everything that has happened previously


The Blockchain keeps the story of the City and its inhabitants for centuries! Even 200 years from now, one can learn all the details of the city’s founding, opening, settlement, and the people who have ever lived in the City


The Blockchain guarantees the transparency at all stages of token emissions and money transfers, which allows to engage investors worldwide

Why Altai?
Altai is the continent’s geographic and spiritual center

This region’s being the spiritual foundation of the project is grounded historically. It perfectly balances countries and cultures, and is thus free from any bias caused by national views. The entire Altai region, where the borders of the four contemporary countries meet, has been the unique physical, ethnical, linguistic diversity zone for over 10 thousand years. This indicates the region’s outstanding role in the development of modern Russia and humanity as a whole.

Have you decided to become the City of Light token holder?
What happens next?
As soon as the required funds are raised:
April 2019

Registration of the construction site begins

June 2019

Architecture & engineering project developmen

July - August 2019

All the permits obtained

March 2020

Housing construction and sales start

Project WhitePaper
The team
Anna Kamallaya Hefors
Founder & mastermind
Project CEO

Has managed multiple private and public projects. Project Paradise and City of Light project founder and manager.

Higher education: “Regional economy & governance”, and Law. Anna has also expertize in real estate.

Medium, personal growth & spiritual awakening coach.

Autobiography “City of Light” author.

The mission: To set the example of existence of an evolutionary membran of the society, and realize the quintessence of unity in togetherness and concord with international light teams. In other words, to demonstrate a full range of application forms for fine energies in our lives, that will lead us to the Golden Era. In the Earth’s new energies, new forms of fine living energies will be constantly appearing, and we should explain and demonstrate our interaction opportunities. This is my mission and objective. Together with the light team, we are going to implement it using new technologies, and actualize it to create new spaces and future city architecture, combining innovations in a perfect harmony with the nature.

Vitali Grebnev
Noosphere architecture concept, technology, and project author

Together with Vitali’s team, we are going to launch the construction of dome houses on the territory of the City. Vitali’s goals are in a perfect concord with ours: innovation type noospheric eco-settlement creation, development of their scientific and production sphere, as well as societal and economic development, on the basis of ecological & energy saving construction technologies, life support systems, with the formation of a consolidated innovation housing and utilities management information environment based on modern telecommunication technologies.

Johanne Schlosser & Mark Lee
The Chief Bio Architect and Sacred Geometry Designer of the international company

Our official partners’ main mission and objective is to develop and build entire living systems, constructions, domes, and geometries of the Cities of Light. Implementation of the bio-architecture principles for the engineering of living spaces, environments, and entire living systems.

Creation of living, negentropic fields producing beneficial effect on their inhabitants and the environment, enhancing the organisms’ livelihood and consciousness. Development of symbiotic relationships with the surrounding ecosystems and their integration with the natural world. Innovational engineering methodologies for the future architecture, to serve the human and planetary ecology, and improve it.

Raphael Faizirakhmanov
Inventor R&D laboratory founder

The Grail project founder.

The founder of the R&D laboratory for the City of Light autonomous resource supply.

Daria Dorje
The platform master coordination leader.

Together with Kamallaya, Daria develops a unique interaction system for people on the Internet. Usine the New era platform, they aim at connecting people on the New electronic wave level with all the thin plan life forms, to reveal all the true initial connections in close communication with each other.

This is the living virtual world of the New thriving Golden Era in the Union of Love, mutual consideration, and support.

Svetlana Vorobyeva
Professional interpreter International negotiation expert

She has a vast experience of opening new touristic directions for the Russian market, including V.I.P. tours to the tropics, islands, Latin America. She worked as a crisis manager with claim lawyers. She is also a professional interpreter and international negotiation expert.

Svetlana Veshkurtzeva
Head of the Organizational development department

18 year experience in organizational development, including 7 years of executive consulting and project management. She has been working as a project manager and head of organizational development departments for major construction and energy companies for the recent 11 years. She has completed over 40 organizational structure and personnel optimisation projects, wage system development and division of responsibilities for large road and oil-and-gas construction, power transmission and sales, construction material production, retail companies, and airlines.

Victor Lushin
Crypto industry & blockchain technology analyst, ICO consultant

Victor is a Blockchain technology consultant and business transformation leader with over 11 years of project management and business analysis experience.

He has got professional experience with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, EOS, consensus protocols, as well as distributed and general ledger technologies

He runs digital transformation projects and consults on the Blockchain.

Has been one of the AIG directors.

Over 20 years of experience at multi-level marketing.

10 year work experience in the Blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies, startups, and nanotechnologies.

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How can I participate in the ICO?
To purchase the City of Light Tokens, you need to send the required amount of ETH to the smart contract wallet, after which the corresponding amount of tokens will be automatically sent to your wallet by the contract. These tokens will be available through any Ethereum wallet that supports tokens or through our wallet at
Can I transfer the funds from an exchange?
No, you cannot transfer the funds from exchange accounts, as you will not be able to get City of Light tokens to an exchange account. To invest from an exchange, you should register your own wallet on the Ethereum blockchain through any convenient ERC20 wallet or our wallet, and transfer the ETH there. Then you can transfer it to our crowdsale smart contract
Can I manage my tokens?
Your tokens will be sent to your personal Ethereum wallet and you will be able to manage them immediately, transfer them to other wallets or send them to other users.
How can I buy ETH to participate in the City of Light ICO?
To purchase ETH, you need to register a new Ethereum wallet through any convenient ERC20 wallet, for example After that, there are two options: buy ETH directly through exchangers or using a crypto exchange. In the first case, you can use the aggregator, for example and then choose the most advantageous and convenient exchanger from the currency that you would like to exchange for ETH. In the case of a crypto exchange, you will need to register an account on one of the crypto exchanges, following the instructions of the exchange of your choice. It is advisable to choose a stock exchange that supports deposits in the currency you want to exchange for ETH. After that, you can purchase ETH on the exchange and withdraw it to your wallet.
What is the minimum investment amount?
There is no lower and upper limit, you are free to decide how much to invest. The minimum investment amount is 0.001 ETH.
How can I track my investment?
After receiving the tokens you can track their status through the token wallet on our website, which will contain detailed information about your tokens.
When can I get my profit share from the project?
The construction works in the City of Light will begin Spring 2020, the sales phase starts simultaneously. This means our investors will be able to get the first payouts for the tokens of the City of Light they hold already in 2020. Later on, as the development and construction of the project procede, the income of investors will be growing.
Where can I find the project documentation?
Please see the project documentation here.
Where will the City of Light be located?
The construction site is located at 55,45N / 37,95E, the locale name is Lenin.
Do you have a partner program?
Yes, the affiliate program runs on a smart contract in the Ethereum network. When sending tokens, specify the wallet address of your referral, an additional percentage of tokens of the City of light will be transferred to the specified wallet.
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